Artists / 2018 Cowgirl Up!

Sharon Markwardt

Sharon Markwardt is a fourth-generation Texan and a life-long artist. The colorful style for which she is known emerged around 2007, and paralleled her entrance into horsemanship, with its associated injuries and challenges. Emboldened by what she has overcome and learned, Sharon laughingly credits her mare for “throwing” her into Western art, since her style developed after a fall. She lives on a small acreage in a suburb near Ft. Worth, and has a second studio/home in Santa Fe. Animals of the West have become her favorite subjects. It’s no wonder — with horses, dogs and a donkey on her property and surrounded by the neighbor’s longhorns, goats and chickens, interaction with the animals is a part of the daily rhythm. She enjoys pushing her colors and designs while retaining realism and attention to detail. “Painting the personalities and emotions of the animals gives me great joy, and I think it shows. When collectors tell me my work makes them smile every day … what could be better?”

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