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Sharon Standridge

Sharon Brown Standridge was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and later on the open plains of Nebraska. Her grandfather, father and his five siblings were known as Tex Brown and His Little Buckaroos, the world’s youngest rodeo performers. Following the path of her rich Western heritage, childhood memories of American West landscapes, and love and respect for the people of days gone by, Sharon creates life on canvas for all to enjoy. Ultimately, her appreciation of the people and places of the West has found expression through the vivid authenticity of her art. “I am drawn to painting the American West, especially the nostalgic era of the 1860–1890s,” she says. “People are my preferred subjects; sometimes cowboys, sometimes pioneer women and children. Most recently, my focus has been the Native Americans of the Plains—painting the daily tasks and duties of the women of the Plains tribes and the adventures and challenges of the young braves and warriors.”

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