Mejo Okon | New Mexico

Mejo Okon has been enchanted by the West since childhood – its dusty cowhands, faithful animals and wide-open skies. She has been scribbling, drawing or painting before she was in the first grade, always knowing she would be an artist. Born and raised in Indianapolis, she grew up watching Bonanza and Maverick, falling in love with horses and anything Western. Her childhood cap guns and cowboy boots hold a special place in her studio.

Now living in New Mexico, Mejo is finding endless inspiration. When it comes to her style of work, she is a self-described colorist. “I love to capture the light as the sun begins to set with its rich intense colors.”

Mejo has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, costume manager for traveling Broadway shows and as a courtroom sketch artist. Now she covers the occasional federal trials in New Mexico. Most recently her work was featured as on ABC’s Nightline and 20/20.

Mejo reflects, there was always that little inner voice that said, “Paint. Run away and paint. I ran away a couple of times – Indiana, Alaska, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas, New York City and New Mexico.” At last I’m living the dream.’

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