Sarah Phippen | Colorado

Colorado artist Sarah Phippen portrays the West with an understanding that comes from a deep love of the land, people and animals of the region in which she was born and raised. Sarah’s formal training began with private lessons when she was 14. Since then she has studied with prominent artists John Coleman for sculpting, and painters Jay Moore, Jim Norton, Daniel Sprick, Sandra Kaplan, and Anthony J. Ryder, each of whom deepened her understanding of oil painting, color and composition.

“Communicating emotions in a visual language requires a fluency in light, color and form, as well as patient observation,” she says. “I am often delighted by the livestock and wildlife living at the base of the Rocky Mountains where I grew up. There is a rich heritage in our relationships with the landscape, and the plants and animals that live side by side with us. I strive to paint every individual as a person worth knowing, and every landscape as someone’s home.”

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