Rebecca Tobey | New Mexico

Rebecca Tobey believes that, “All things are bound together. All things connect. Whatever we do to this world, we do to ourselves. I try to represent that in my work.” Her stylized animal sculptures in bronze and ceramic reflect her strong connection to the earth. She incorporates layers of sgraffito drawings into the sculptures and cuts holes in the ceramics to create interesting compositions using negative space. The bird and insect life and the vast open space of her rural Santa Fe home fascinate her, and she frequently represents those in her work.

After 34 years in the studio, she finds herself once again exploring new images in both bronze and ceramic. “I am a high-energy person, and I enjoy changing direction to explore areas that have interested me for a long time but that I have not taken time to unearth.” Traveling in her camper van into Montana and Wyoming with her new dog Dexter, a 4-year-old rescued Springer Spaniel, brought her new images and ideas that she looks forward to incorporating into her work.

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