Echo Ukrainetz | Montana

Echo is a native Montanan who has been interested in art for as long as she can remember. She has never taken a class in batik and has learned through trial and error. That method of instruction has yielded many happy accidents as well as a few disasters. Over the years, she has learned how to manipulate the wax and dye to create desired effects but it is very unpredictable. Major pieces have as many as 250 to 300 applications of wax and dye. Echo has an intense interest in history which she incorporates into the depiction of her historical works.

Her batiks are in collections across the United States and Canada and include a variety of subject matter. Portraiture is her favorite. According to Echo, the most emotional moment of creating a piece is when the eyes begin to look back at you. 

Her work has been accepted into numerous fine art auctions and shows throughout the West. She has a feature story, Today’s Wild West, on PBS which is nominated for a Heartland Award, and will be featured on the Amazon series Art in America.

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