Artists / New Mexico

Jennifer Cavan

Santa Fe, NM

“I spent much of my childhood and teenage years making art, but I pursued a liberal arts education. While earning a degree in history from Brown University, I took art classes on the side. After spending the early part of my adult life in the corporate world in Chicago, I decided to follow my love of art when New Mexico’s clarity of light, rich feeling of tradition and strong sense of place pulled me “home.” My husband and I quit our corporate jobs and moved to the mountains of northern New Mexico. Shortly thereafter, I began working with oil pastels. Twenty years later, they are still my favorite medium. The buttery feel and the directness of applying the pigment without the go-between of a brush continue to fuel my love for these buttery crayon-like sticks.

“Combining my love of history and culture with my passion for the New Mexico landscape and simple architecture, I create art that reflects the timelessness of that subject matter. I’m fascinated with the state’s Spanish Colonial past and the way it merges into and influences the present. Relying on photographs, sketches, and memories of places I have found along the back roads of the American West, I use vibrant, saturated colors, bold compositions and slightly altered perspectives to present, rather than represent, this special place. My “rose colored glasses” interpret the scenes with heightened color. Mine is a contemporary depiction of an ageless place.”

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