JaNeil Anderson | New Mexico

JaNeil Anderson was born in 1956 in Safford, Arizona, and was raised in nearby Duncan, on her parents farm on the Gila River. JaNeil has had the honor and privilege to have lived and worked on various cattle ranches in the southwest. First-hand experience with the gathering, branding and cooking for the cowhands has afforded JaNeil the opportunity to live, work and love the lifestyle of the American cowboy/cowgirl and rancher. Coupled with her artistic talents and her ability to capture the emotion of the moment, JaNeil’s art is unique and refreshing.

JaNeil has earned a certificate in Basic Art Studies from Art Instruction Schools, Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been blessed with the opportunity to study under Cowboy Artist of America members James Reynolds and R.S. Riddick.

At the outset of her career, JaNeil worked in pencil, then moved to pastels and now works in oils. Anderson’s intricate painting style, the fine details of oils, and her appreciation for color allow her works to capture the moment in time, pulling at your heartstrings as you imagine the story behind the piece. JaNeil has the unique ability of drawing you into her work and you literally find yourself emotionally invested in her art. JaNeil is a Signature member of America Women Artists.

Anderson and her husband Walt reside on their third-generation cattle ranch along the banks of the Gila River in southwest New Mexico.


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