Artists / Arizona

Sheila Cottrell

Tucson, AZ

A love of old-West history and particularly her family’s lives in the 1800s in Texas and then early Arizona inspire most of Sheila’s paintings. On April 18, 1900 seven covered wagons containing the Wells clan arrived at the abandoned Fort Bowie in southeast Arizona. They set up homesteads throughout Sulphur Springs Valley and freighted ore between mining towns, ran the Wells Brothers’ Overland Service, operated one of the Indian trading posts, and quarried stone for the historic Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, Arizona. R. G. Wells became a deputy sheriff in Tombstone and had numerous run-ins with horse thieves and rustlers. Sheila says, “I enjoy painting anything to do with the West, past and present, but especially love illustrating the tales of pioneering adventures my family experienced.”

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