About “Cowgirl Up!”

Cowgirl Up! Artwork.

Exhibition & Sale is now March 28- September 5, 2021

March 26-27: Private events for sponsors

March 28-September 5: Open to public.

Cowgirl Up! Online begins the week of March 29th. Experience the Exhibition and Sale virtually.

Proxy bidding is still available by phone, please contact curator Mary Ann Igna 928-684-2272 ext 101

About Cowgirl Up!

In 2006, Desert Caballeros Western Museum embraced a revolutionary idea: an annual exhibition showcasing the brightest contemporary female artists working in the Western genre. In the male-dominated world of Western Art, Cowgirl Up! turned the spotlight squarely on women’s voices and perspectives, serving up a new, deeper understanding of the American West. Over a decade later, CU! remains one of the major national events for Western women artists.

More than a show – Cowgirl Up! is a crossroads where artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts come together to explore what it means to be a Western artist. CU! artists ride the range of techniques, styles, and mediums, traditional and contemporary.

Continuing the tradition – Your purchase of original artworks supports the endeavors of women artists working today and of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. CU! art can be bought throughout the run of the exhibition at the Museum or online at westernmuseum.org.

An exhibition first and a sale second – The Cowgirl Up! exhibition is divided into two parts: a gallery of “miniatures” and a gallery of full-sized art. Artwork in the Main gallery should remain on display throughout the exhibition, and will be available for pick-up or delivery after September 9, 2021. Most miniatures are available at time of purchase.

Interested in becoming a Cowgirl Up! artist?

Click here for submission instructions to apply to the 2022 Cowgirl Up! exhibition and sale.

Become a sponsor of the 2021 Cowgirl Up! exhibition and sale!

Many thanks to our generous Cowgirl Up! sponsors:

DeVore Foundation, Alta and Bill DeVore, Trustees
Jackye and Leon Powell

John and Lynne Boyer
Christine and Paul Branstad
Sally and Sandy Cutler
Dita and John Daub
Arthur Ditto Family Foundation
Sharon and Lanny Martin

Silver $5,000
Lori and Rich Jaros
Rea and Jim Ludke
Elaine and Peter Schweitzer
Nancy and Terry Theken
Betty and Tom Watt

Copper $2,500
AZCOMP Technologies
Peggy and Jim Colley 
Mary Jo and George Hellick
Sarah R. Goulard and Hiram F. Moody Jr.
Ellie Nolan
Douglas S. Spencer and Kathleen Parrish
Gust Rosenfeld P.L.C.
Becky and Jason Rovey
Linda Waag and Marty Schlumberger
Serape Bleu
John and Carey Sigler

Wickenburg Ranch

Nickel $1,000
Mandy Boggs
Jane and Jeff Deming
Happy Trails Adventure Company of Arizona
Bobbye Rogers
Linda and Joe Stevens

Turquoise $500
Patricia Drake
Jenifer and Dan Finley

Vicki and Jerry Riggins
Lea and Don Seago

Community Sponsors $400
Dr. Josh Jones
Law Office of Eileen M. McGuire, PLLC
Sage Gallery | Brenda Crissman

Community Sponsors $200
Ben’s Saddlery

Edward Jones | Sam Buchert, Financial Advisor

In-Kind Supporters
Double H Custom Hat Co. 
Rancho de los Caballeros

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