Sharon Markwardt | New Mexico

Sharon Markwardt was a “critter kid,” adoring every animal she saw from the tiniest of insects to the giants in the zoo. Markwardt has always felt at home exploring the details of nature. A finger painting in first grade wasn’t just a flower, it was an iris, with fat petals pointing in the right directions and long strappy leaves executed with the side of her hand.

Having a mother who was an artist provided Markwardt access to materials and permission to take a creative path. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Biology and has taken joy from trying her hand at a long list of mediums.

In 2005, Markwardt moved from the suburbs to a rural part of central Texas. Following a bad fall from her mare, she moved to oil paints and began to see and explore more color. Working from her own photos, Markwardt depicts the personalities and emotions of the creatures who intrigue her, believing similar emotions unite people and animals alike. Nothing makes Sharon happier than being able to elicit smiles or laughter from viewers and collectors.

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