Cowgirl Up! Banner

All art featured in the Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half of the West exhibition and sale is available for purchase, with proceeds benefiting the participating artists and the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.

Art will be available for purchase online during the week of March 29.

Main Gallery pieces will remain on display throughout the exhibition, until it closes on September 5, 2021. While we request that purchasers of 2-D Miniature Gallery pieces leave their artwork on display for others to enjoy, purchasers have the option of picking up their 2-D Miniatures before the end of the exhibition.

2021 Artists

Maura Allen | Arizona
Heather Johnson Beary | Arizona
Evelyne Boren | New Mexico
Naomi Brown | Arizona
Rachel Brownlee | Nebraska
Heather Burton | Colorado
Shawn Cameron | Arizona
Stephanie Campos | Arizona
Jennifer Cavan | New Mexico
Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey | Montana
Sonja Caywood | Wyoming
Sherry Cobb-Kelleher | Colorado
Jane Skaar Coleman | Wyoming
Sheila Cottrell | Arizona
Lisa Danielle | Arizona
Sally Delap-John | New Mexico
Judith Durr | Arizona
Joni Falk | Arizona
Carrie Fell | Colorado
Deborah Copenhaver Fellows | Arizona
Heather Foster
Jessica Garrett-Lawrence | Arizona
Jessica James Gilbert | Colorado
Linda Glover Gooch | Arizona
Veryl Goodnight | Colorado
Lisa Gordon | New Mexico
Ann Hanson | Wyoming
Erin Hanson | Oregon
Stephanie Hartshorn | Colorado
Harper Henry | Arizona
Dyana Hesson | Arizona
DG House | Montana
Donna Howell-Sickles | Texas
Micqaela Jones | Nevada
Shelby Keefe | Wisconsin
Susan Kliewer | Arizona
Michelle Kondos | California
Laurie J. Lee | Wyoming
Jan Mapes | Colorado
Sharon Markwardt | New Mexico
Deanne McKeown | Arizona
Lisa McLoughlin | Arizona
Barbara Meikle | New Mexico
Nancy Michaelson
Julie Nighswonger | Wyoming
Susanne Nyberg | Arizona
Kim Obrzut | Arizona
Mejo Okon | New Mexico
Karen Petrovich | Wyoming
Stephanie Revennaugh | Montana
Tamara Rymer | New Mexico
Samantha Sherry | Tennessee
Sharon Standridge | Texas
Rebecca Tobey | New Mexico
V…. Vaughan | Texas
Amanda Wilner | Montana
 Kwani Povi Winder | Utah
Liz Wolf
Diana Woods | Colorado
Sam Woolcott | Arizona
Star Liana York | New Mexico